Urban Sports Week Amsterdam

Get Out The Way is part of the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam. During this week several different events and competitions will be held in the city of Amsterdam. As a part of the inline events (Get Out The Way, Mind the Gap, The Dutch Open Championship Spine Ramp, Olympia Games and the Real Street).

A good overview of all USWA events can also be found here

Dutch Open Championship Spine Ramp

29th of april  |  Museumsquare Ramp
The famous spineramp on the Museumsquare will be the stage for inline skaters to decide who shreds a spineramp like a boss. Hollands finest skaters will compete with international riders and battle for the title of Dutch Open Spine Ramp champion. There will be a special junior and senior leguae.
Total price money: 500,- euro

Spectator level: Super cool to see al the pro skaters doing flips and spins over the spine
Beginners participation level:
Not for beginners to participate. Come and watch though!
Amateur participation level: 
Anybody that can jump the spine can participate.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/582559781909779/
USWA listing: https://www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com/program/2016/the-open-dutch-championships-spine-ramp/3/


Get Out The Way

29th of april | Museumplein
Right After the Dutch Open Championship Spine Ramp we will depart from the Museumpsquare on an epic adventure through the city. Starting point will be the infamous Museumplein ramp, right in the city centre. Your objective is simple; team up with your buddy and get from checkpoint A to B as fast as you can. Every checkpoint has it’s own little assignment for you both to complete. Make sure you film your tricks and post them on Instagram, as proof for the judges. We will reveal the checkpoints at the start, it’s up to you which route you’ll take. We’ll be waiting at the finish line where cold beers and the official USWA party awaits.

Spectator level: it is only possible to watch people cross the finish. Best way to do this is with a beer.
Beginners participation level:
as long as you can skate around the city and are not afraid to try a few jumps you are good
Amateur participation level:
 Allot of fun for amateurs to team up with a buddy and cruise the city.

Website: http://getouttheway.nl
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/581430748697727/
USWA listing: https://www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com/program/2016/get-out-the-way-alley-cat-race/4/


Olympia Games

30th of april | Olympiaplein
The Olympia Games will be the first big contest on the Olympiaplein skatepark EVER. So we must make it proper. This contest will be in true Olympic style. A Classical competition with Runs instead of heats just like in the 1995 Xgames. Each skater will get 60 seconds to do their best. After each run the judges hold up their score.

Spectator level: very spectacular to watch this event! Every round the level of the participants will go up!
Beginners participation level:
not possible for beginners to enter this competition
Amateur participation level:
 Try to prove yourself on your favorite skatepark against the pro’s, go for it!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1093193414072704/
Website: http://olympiagames.nl
USWA listing: https://www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com/program/2016/olympia-games/6/



Mind the Gap

30th of april | Ton Ton club, Westerpark
Mind the Gap will set up once again for mindblowing shows during the weekend. On saturdaynight skaters will battle for the honour and prize they deserve. National and International topriders show their skills on the Gap and their technicall grinds on the rails. 1st round – 3meter gap | 2nd round – 4meter gap | finals round – 5meter gap
Practice starts at 18:30 | Competition at 19:00
Total price money: 555,- euro (5riders, 5meter gap, 5runs)

Spectator level: Super cool to see al the pro skaters doing flips and spins over the gap
Beginners participation level:
Not for beginners to participate. Come and watch though!
Amateur participation level: 
Anybody that can jump the 3meter gap can participate.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1562928357339248/
USWA listing: https://www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com/program/2016/mind-the-gap/60/



Real Street Amsterdam

1st of may | Vu curbs, Boelelaan metro station
The Real Street Amsterdam is not going to be just a street comp. It’s going to be a bunch of people watching and screaming while their favorite skaters lace sick tricks on some of Amsterdam’s best spots. If you’re a good skater you definitely need to come and grab your share of the 2500 euro’s in price money! That’s a lot of money but besides that there’s also a lot of fun prizes for things like the worst slam, most creative trick and best junior of the day. All by all it’s about to be a fun day of hammers, cheering and drinking some cold beers. Make sure to come and also bring your non-blader friends!

Spectator level: this is likely to be the most spectaculair thing of the whole USWA
Beginners participation level:
beginners should come and participate in cheering!
Amateur participation level:
 Try to prove yourself on on the streets against the pro’s, go for it!

Website: http://realstreetamsterdam.com
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1073649409347658/
USWA listing: https://www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com/program/2016/real-street-contest/5/

Urbanweek---amsterdam-realstreetFront-flyer-website 2016



Fun and Gams

2nd of may | Olympiaplein
The first day of the May vactation week will be low stress. Only fun stuff like Racing, Jumping, Street Hockey and a Demo with Pro skaters!
Come on over for a relaxing day of fun blading!

Spectator level: nothing special to see here, instead use our free rental and join the session.
Beginners participation level:
this event is especially for you guys!
Amateur participation level:
 this will be a relaxed fun session for the ams.

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